Plasticity is a 2.5D cinematic platformer about a young girl named Noa who explores and decides the future of her post-oil, plastic-ridden world.

Awards & Recognition

  • IndieCade Official Selection (2019)

  • IndieCade @ E3 Official Selection (2019)

  • Intentional Play Summit Official Selection (2018)

  • Jam City "Bazillion Dollar Idea" Winner (2019)

  • Stevens Innovator Showcase (2018)

  • "Very Positive" rating on Steam with 387 reviews

Chrysalis is a whimsical undersea adventure game in which players assume the role of an explorer who gets trapped within the innards of a cocoon-like monster while traveling at sea.

Awards & Recognition

  • Oculus Launchpad Grant Project (2017)

  • ICXR Best VR Game Nominee (2019)

  • Unity Awards Best Student Game Nominee (2018)

  • Dreamhack Anaheim (2019)

Ducklings is a sanguine but rewarding game about loss, empathy, cooperation, family, love, and partnership. As a player, you must work together with your partner to safely move your three baby ducklings to a new home

Awards & Recognition

  • Kickstarter Project We Love (2017)

  • Kickstarter Campaign 351% funded (2017)

  • Indiecade Showcase (2017)

  • USC Lloyd Greif New Venture Pitch Competition Semi-Finalist (2017)

TILTOFF is based on the spiritual belief of balance and flow of movement inspired by Tai Chi. Though the game seems like a simple arcade game on the surface, it is this simple mechanic that allows the player to easily dive deep into the core of the experience - one that seeks to improve the spiritual balance of the player.

Awards & Recognition

  • The Rookies - Best Mobile Game Award (2017)

Enter the world of Wavebent, a 3rd Person Gravitational Brawler set in the distant future. Take the role of a terraforming robot and blast the earth to knock opponents out of sky arenas in the galaxy's greatest sporting event!

Awards & Recognition

  • USC Games AGP Project (2018)

More games coming soon~



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© 2018. Timothi Ellim 

Game Developer | AR+VR Experience Engineer | Rapid Prototype Specialist

- Connect Generations through Play -


On a daily basis, I create systems of interaction that enables you, as a player, to enter a safe space of play; a space which allows you to be at ease with yourself and the unknown, and thus reignite childlike curiosity and wonder once more.

Through our childlike curiosity and wonder, that I believe we are able to connect generations through play, to create unity among organizations and ourselves as humans.


- Bridge the Gap between Physical and Digital Lifestyles - 

Augmented Reality (AR) allows me to bridge the gap between an active physical lifestyle and a sedentary interaction with technology.


AR technology lets me further connect generations through physical-digital actions and spaces. My vision is to develop a physical world without the boundary of screens. Step out from the confines of a room and turn the world into a playground.

- Let's build a better world together, today -

Timothi Ellim