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© 2018. Timothi Ellim 

Game Developer | AR+VR Experience Engineer | Rapid Prototype Specialist

-Connect Generations through Play-

Q. -What do you do as a Game Designer/Developer?-
Every designer and developer has their own perspective on the aim of interactive design. At a surface level, we all create interactive works that include the player as an active participant. Without you as the player, the interaction will not run.

That said, my belief is that I "create systems of interaction that enables you, as a player, to enter a safe space of play; a space which allows you to be at ease with yourself and the unknown, and thus reignite childlike curiosity and wonder once more."

It is through our childlike curiosity and wonder, that I believe we are able to connect generations through play, to create unity among organizations and ourselves as humans.

- Let me help you build your world today -
Timothi Ellim

Plasticity is a 2.5D cinematic platformer about a young girl named Noa who explores and decides the future of her post-oil, plastic-ridden world.


Awards & Recognition

  • IndieCade Official Selection (2019)

  • IndieCade @ E3 Official Selection (2019)

  • Intentional Play Summit Official Selection (2018)

  • Jam City "Bazillion Dollar Idea" Winner (2019)

  • Stevens Innovator Showcase (2018)

  • "Very Positive" rating on Steam with 387 reviews

Chrysalis is a whimsical undersea adventure game in which players assume the role of an explorer who gets trapped within the innards of a cocoon-like monster while traveling at sea.

Enter the world of Wavebent, a 3rd Person Gravitational Brawler set in the distant future. Take the role of a terraforming robot and blast the earth to knock opponents out of sky arenas in the galaxy's greatest sporting event!